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A way out of spreadsheet hell.

Bringing the right products to market is hard enough. It doesn't help when spreadsheets and slide decks remain your primary means for product planning. Things can get ugly in a hurry when you have to manage multiple products, globally dispersed teams, and thousands of intricate requirements, priorities, and dependencies.

Collaborative product planning.

Product teams the world over are tackling their toughest planning challenges using the only software platform that fosters collaboration across all aspects of product innovation.

  • Capture and prioritize the best ideas.
  • Efficiently manage product requirements and roadmaps.
  • Orchestrate product strategies and portfolios.
  • Execute faster using agile methods.

Accept capabilities are available as a unified solution set and as modular components.

Real problems. Real solutions.

Top global enterprises rely on Accept Software solutions to overcome the complexities that keep their teams from doing their best work. They're able to consistently introduce better products that fully deliver on their customers' needs — and theirs.

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