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A Cue from "Bucky" Fuller for Product Planning!

Richard Buckminster Fuller the famous inventor and systems theorist, whose life began in 1895 and spanned almost 100 years has a famous saying. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

He said this numerous times about things that had to be re-imagined to work in a new and better way. It’s true that he wasn’t responding to the crisis with product planning today but he could have been. We’re pretty sure that if he were alive today and we could ask him about how to deal with the product planning crisis he might employ his saying or at least expand on the sentiment of it.

By Accept Software
Tags: product planning, data management
Thanks, Scott, Mr. Product Manager!

In Scott Sehlhorst's recent blog post about "Why Products Fail?", he posits the questions product managers should asking. That's if they could step back and take the time to consider how they might mitigate product failure.

Firstly we thank-you Scott, not only for helping us talk to others of your ilk, i.e. our audience in past webinars you were so kind to host with us, but moreover, for exacting the larger issues and asking the harder questions of "why products fail?". We thank you because we spend a lot of time trying to extract this information out of product managers; when they're not running around trying to gather spreadsheets and herd their teams.

Of course, this attempt to get at the meat of the matter is self-serving since what we offer is a way to help companies have successful product outcomes, especially when the challenges ramp up and everything gets a whole lot more complex.

By Marie Martin
Tags: product management
For Product Companies, Big Data IS a Big Deal

Our illustrious CEO, John Hamm is at it again - talking the talk and walking the walk of ‘data’ and how to make use of it in his Financial Times article out this week titled ‘Innovation Needs Big Data’ (registration is free but required to view the article).
Product companies, John points out, would have a lot more success if they were able to make better use of their data to inform and steer their product planning based on what their customers want.

By Accept360
Tags: John Hamm, big data

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