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Thanks, Scott, Mr. Product Manager!

In Scott Sehlhorst's recent blog post about "Why Products Fail?", he posits the questions product managers should asking. That's if they could step back and take the time to consider how they might mitigate product failure.

Firstly we thank-you Scott, not only for helping us talk to others of your ilk, i.e. our audience in past webinars you were so kind to host with us, but moreover, for exacting the larger issues and asking the harder questions of "why products fail?". We thank you because we spend a lot of time trying to extract this information out of product managers; when they're not running around trying to gather spreadsheets and herd their teams.

Of course, this attempt to get at the meat of the matter is self-serving since what we offer is a way to help companies have successful product outcomes, especially when the challenges ramp up and everything gets a whole lot more complex.

By Marie Martin
Tags: product management

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