Common Challenges

Product planning complexities can undermine your best intentions.

Planning great products, never an easy thing to begin with, is getting harder and more difficult day by day. Rapidly increasing complexities are now overwhelming even the most capable and well-funded enterprise product organizations. The main reason why is that most product planning processes and tools were designed for the last century, not this one.

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Product planning complications tend to be focused in three main areas, each of which is intertwined with one another:

  • Product scope. Today’s products are increasingly sophisticated, often involving tens of thousands of intricate requirements, interdependencies, components, and configuration issues. Those issues multiply exponentially when you have scores, even hundreds of products spread across multiple product lines and company divisions – and constantly shrinking development cycles.
  • People. Customers, partners, corporate leaders, sales departments, product executives and managers, and development teams each have their own agendas when it comes to product planning and development – and their own tools and processes! Conflicts and tradeoffs are endemic to the process. They intensify greatly with large-scale, multiple releases developed by geographically dispersed product teams and destined for worldwide markets.
  • Constant change. Customer demands, last-minute requirements, technological breakthroughs, conflicting dependencies, market conditions, economic cycles, corporate priorities – they’re all in constant flux. A change in just one small element can ripple throughout the innovation cycle.

Breakdowns in product planning can derail even the most promising products and include:

  • Compartmentalization, miscommunication, turf wars, and blame games
  • Process nightmares from wrangling disjointed, unmanageable information strewn across incompatible business applications and hundreds of spreadsheets, documents, slide decks, and sticky notes
  • Poor decision making based on “gut feelings,” incomplete information, and misguided assumptions
  • Failure to capture and synthesize customer requirements and big-picture business objectives
  • Inability to accommodate fluid change in product requirements, customer requests, market conditions, portfolio strategy, and other constantly evolving parameters
  • Loss of revenue, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage from products that fundamentally disappoint

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